Leotard - Laico Leotard - Jen; Men's biker shorts - Matthew Leotards - Nicole, Laico, Lisa, Laura Biketard - Geoff; Leotard - Annabelle Leotards- Cocoa; Biketard- Logan with stripe Leotard - Anna Leotards- Miyeshia; Biketard- Max Leotard - Jen; Shirt - Gabe; Biker shorts - Matty Juan - Biker shorts Womans Leotards- Mens Dance Wear Leotard -Maria; Biker shorts - Matthew Leotards- Kate; Mens Dance Wear Leotard - Chris Leotard - Laico with sleeves Womans Leotards- Mens Dance Wear Leotard - Mandy; Flare skirt Biketard - Nathan; Leotard - Sally Leotard - Madison; Flare skirt; Shirt - Gabe; Biker shorts - Juan Leotard - Naomi; Flare skirt; Biketard - Custom Geoff Leotards- Lauren; biketard-Logan with stripe Womans Leotards- Mens Dance Wear

Eleve Dancewear makes custom ballet leotards, custom leotards and dance wear for men. Every Eleve design can be personalized with any of our dozens of fabric options. Each item is custom made to order. Custom dance wear for ballet and all forms of dance.